All of Ferraboli’s products, the charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues, rotisseries, electric grills, cast iron grills and grill racks – are designed in the Company’s technical office, overseen by the meticulous and attentive Management who evaluates the innovative nature of the products as well as their commercial end result.

By observing the market and attending international trade shows, we keep up to date with the latest news and trends, and examine useful solutions for understanding the local and international market, while keeping track of the various different food cultures.

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Each project is then carried out to ensure functional usage, practical needs, easy assembly, sturdiness and a final cleaning process to aid the process of cooking and preparing food. Another important aspect is the presence of practical safety instructions which are well illustrated on the packaging of Ferraboli products, in order to prevent injury to those using the products, and damage to surrounding objects. Made in Italy guarantees the ultimate quality.

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