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Barbecue Roccia Legno

Wooden structure with large shelves, this barbecue has a double LPG powered burner and lava stone diffusion that soaks up fat.

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Product Description

ROCCIA LEGNO is a LPG powered gas barbecue with lava stone. This barbecue is mounted  on a wooden trolley provided with two large wheels so it is very easy to move it around. ROCCIA LEGNO has two separate steel burners, suitable for LPG fuel, which heat the lava stone in a very homogeneous way. Always keep the gas on, when you are cooking and turn it up or down depending on the food you are cooking. Move and turn the pieces of food, if necessary, according to how well done you prefer them.This barbecue is provided with two grids: one made of chrome-plated steel wire and suitable for less fatty foods and Ferraboli’s GRIGLIANDOLA, the special grid patented by Ferraboli that collects dripping into a stainless steel bowl thanks to its angle of inclination and therefore avoids annoying flare-ups. The lid should be kept open when cooking, but it is very useful to keep the brazier hot when the barbecue is not in use.

Additional Information

Weight 33 kg

large, family, lid, wheels


cm 122 x 46 x 110h


cm 56 x 35

Gas Power

5 KW + 5 KW


cm 79x40x34h



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