Girarrosto Brescia Inox 70cm with 4 spits

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Girarrosto Brescia Inox 70cm with 4 spits

This is the 4-spit version of the 70 cm rotisserie, with  satellite skewer system  and side shelf. Optional electric panel.

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Product Description

This rotisserie is made of AISI type 430 stainless steel sheet and has coated steel legs and shelves. It is provided with a side brazier for embers. We recommend to put charcoal into the brazier when it is already glowing, in order to avoid smoke which could taint the flavour of the food. The material is easy to clean and very resistant. The rotisserie has an approved and certified 220v motor that grants 2 turns/min. It has a side shelf for use by the chef. There is an other shelf under the rotisserie to collect and then re-use fat dripping. The two side handles allow the article to be easily transported. It is also easy to access the cooking compartment by opening the small front window. The skewer system kit (each skewer is 66 cm long) is made of “angular steel triangles” and works like a “satellite” because each spit rotates independently. Moreover, each spit can be individually removed or inserted to facilitate food preparation and serving. This model is recommended for about 12/15 generous helpings. The rotisserie can be equipped with a lot of accessories, such as: electric panel, rotating grid, small grids for fish and pork or chicken holder kits.

Additional Information

Weight 17 kg

medium, family


cm 105 x 42 x 80h


15 – 18

Number of Spits

cm 70 x 44 x 34h



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