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Girarrosto Elettrico Italia

Girarrosto Italia is an electric rotisserie that you can use in closed spaces; it has an electrical resistance and a glass window to check the cooking.

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Product Description

Girarrosto Italia is entirely made in Italy and it is electric both in terms of movement and cooking. Its electrical resistance is 1260 W and it has a thermostat which allows you to raise or lower the temperature. The small window, made of tempered glass, allows you to see the spit working and check the cooking. Thanks to the satellite mechanism, the 4 lateral spits rotate together in the skewer system, but they also rotate independently on themselves to grant an omogeneous cooking. The central rod can be used alone, too, if you want to cook  whole chickens (no more than two pieces) or large roasts. It is provided with large forks to hold meat. This rotisserie has an approved and certified 220V electric motor that grants 2 turns/min. The two pierced fat collecting plates can be used to collect and re-use dripping. Girarrosto Italia is recommended for 8 / 10 helpings.

Additional Information

Weight 11 kg

medium, family


8 – 10

Number of Spits

0 W – 1260 W



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