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Ferraboli srl is the owner of the websites “ferraboli.it” and “ferraboli.com”, which provide information on services relating to the company.  The website is updated, implemented and managed by Ferraboli srl, which for this purpose is the nominated manager in accordance with article 29, legislative decree 196/2003.  The “ferraboli.com” site has the purpose of disseminating information, news and services on behalf of Ferraboli srl, which is the lawful owner.

The documentation, images, characters, artwork, graphics, software and other content on the site, and all codes and format scripts used to implement the site, are the property of Ferraboli srl, except for the photographs, which belong to Fotolia © and other operators.  The material contained in the website is protected by copyright.  The use of “ferraboli.com” site is purely for personal use, not for commercial use. It is therefore forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, publish, or distribute any of the site’s content or brands to third parties for commercial purposes.

The site “ferraboli.com” may suggest links to websites belonging to other companies, and cannot be held responsible for their availability, content, products or services offered, nor for any damage or losses occurring as a consequence of their use. Ferraboli srl assumes no liability for damages of any kind arising from access to, or inability to access its site due to causes beyond its control, or for the fraudulent or malicious use of its website and its contents carried out by users. The user agrees not to use the website “ferraboli.com” for communications that may cause damage or disruption to the network or to third parties, or to violate the laws and regulations in force. In particular, the user agrees not to enter online any material or communications containing potentially offensive content, to respect the principles governing public order and social safety, to refrain from disseminating messages, images or other material that may incite others to commit crimes, to use violence or acts of violence, or any form of participation or cooperation in illicit activities. Similarly, the user agrees not to disseminate anything which could be harmful to propriety, human dignity, or which is of a pornographic nature, or contrary to accepted principles of morality, or that promotes prostitution. In particular, as an example (but not exhaustive), the user agrees not to enter online any material in violation of the law on copyright, or other intellectual or industrial property rights.

For the site “ferraboli.com”, Ferraboli srl reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to:

  1. modify these Terms of Use;
  2. monitor and remove any material submitted to the site by users;
  3. suspend the availability of its website at any time and without prior notice.

By accessing the “ferraboli.com” website, the user and Ferraboli srl agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian State shall apply to all matters relating to their use of the website. The user and Ferraboli srl also agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Brescia for the above-mentioned issues.

By using Ferraboli srl’s site, “ferraboli.com”, the user implicitly agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein.

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